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Once you have confidence you can have anything you want.

This is the clear cut path to embracing a new more powerful and influential version of YOU. 

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What is the Mentoring Program?
This is an exclusive program with limited seats available, in which Heather Monahan delivers powerful yet practical formulas to unbreakable confidence that you can begin applying immediately. This is the mentorship program you've been looking for to take your career or business to the next level. Imagine being guided into a new world full of potential by an expert in business. Heather Monahan has led teams of thousands of employees, responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate America as a Chief Revenue Officer, conquered hardships, lack of self confidence, divorce and so much more... And now she's giving you access to what it takes to run a thriving speaking brand & coaching business that is impacting thousands of lives across the world. Now is the time.


30-day confidence creation plan

The exact 30 day plan that Heather Monahan created when she was fired in 2017. This step-by-step plan walks you through the necessary steps anyone should take to overcome adversity and create confidence in any situation.


This is a daily call to action that will be sent straight to your inbox so that you can develop your confidence consistently. The goal is to create a healthy lifestyle change and transform your self-confidence so that you can tap into your full potential. 


You are not alone. Each week the entire mentorship group gathers through a virtual meeting led by Heather Monahan to discuss goals, accomplishments and support one another as we conquer and fire our villains!


This 1-1 session is where you get to work up close and personal with Heather. She will build a tailored plan for you to achieve and crush your goals. 

What current students are saying

Heather’s executive coaching program is OUTSTANDING. I lost 20 pounds, got clarity around my relationship, killed it in 30 days with all 4 of my businesses, started journaling, something I have never done before, and met an amazing group of people, a few of which I will definitely be doing business with. I strongly recommend that you sign up TODAY. The value far exceeds the cost!!!


George O’Leary Chief Financial Officer HealthLynked Corp.

Wow, Lady!  One week in and I've already had more breakthroughs and applicable business advice than I did in 5 months with my last business coach.  Thank you!

Karisse Hendrick

Working with Heather has been motivating, invigorating and inspiring.  Her personal experience as a hugely successful sales executive as well an author, entrepreneur and speaker arm her with the tips, habits and methodology to effectively guide her clients no matter what stage their business is in.  Heather has helped me gain clarity in the areas of my business that were not thriving and gets me excited to tackle challenges with new tactics.  She customizes her coaching to the needs of each client allowing us to delve into the issues that I instinctively feel are most critical, while making sure we don’t ignore some of the other details that are part of overall success.


Through my coaching sessions with Heather, I’ve regained a deep passion for my purpose, implemented highly effective strategies and am developing focused plans to crush it in my business.  Having a trusted cheerleader in my camp makes the entrepreneur journey far less lonely and challenging.

Kirsten Stevens, MBA, CFRE CEO The Kannico Agency

What can I say about Heather Monahan’s mentorship program? Simply put, it has changed my life. For years I was stuck, running on a hamster wheel, exerting a ton of energy going nowhere. I defined myself by my vocation and success meant finally impressing the leaders with my creativity and innovation. I was suffocating. After an org change that resulted in the elimination of my role, I decided it was time to change. I found Heather’s program through LinkedIn. During the first team meeting, I was petrified. Everyone was more interesting, had better jobs, and I put myself out of their league right off the bat. In my first one on one meeting with Heather, I was shaking, but she made me feel comfortable. We established 5 goals for the month and I was off. I embraced every element of the program: the online course, the daily gratitude, the song, the image. I did it all. As the month passed, I could feel my confidence growing. By the end of the month, my startup was accepted into a technology incubator program. I impressed the board with my drive and passion, I was just being myself! The biggest breakthrough was the realization that I created that hamster wheel. Now, with confidence and freedom, I’m able to accomplish more in 30 days than I ever dreamed possible. I see my future self as a CEO of a big company, an Author, a Speaker, etc. and every day I’m sprinting in her direction.

Sara Hanks

Finished the 30 day challenge.  I have to say this program with Heather really supported me through this time period.  

I kept going back to it when I felt moments of doubt.  

My company launched a new product during this time because I took a chance and brought an idea to my team.  They could see my belief and passion. They supported me and jumped on it.   

My leadership has risen and I have been able to show my team that I can lead during a crisis.  I really know there is more growth for me.  However, this was a major step for me. 

Thank you, Heather for helping me with your words of wisdom as I embraced this continued journey. I am following you on Linkedin and love your positive spirit.  We are all people and have ups and downs.  It is great to know I am not the only one. 

Vishnu Chandran, MBA

Heather's an amazing mentor, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her in her program.   I've learned so much from her! I've built more confidence and have improved with skills in promoting and asserting myself at work.  She's helped me navigate difficult conversations and shift my perspective.  I've shifted from nervousness around salary discussion with recruiters to being excited about negotiating so that I attract the right job and am compensated for the value I add.  She has provided solid advice in how to connect with people in a way that they feel heard and both of us can move forward collaboratively.  She's shared techniques on how to be sure I never walk away from a room or conversation with a "no," but rather provide a follow-up timeframe with action items.  That way, what I was striving for is not off the table - just perhaps delayed.  I now see more options and possibilities for my career.  I previously thought I needed a linear staircase for my industry and hierarchy, but the landscape for corporate and career is as wide-open and creative as I make it.  Plus - she's a warm and compassionate person.  I feel like she has a personal interest and cares about my goals and growth.  I'm so inspired by what she has accomplished, as well as who she is.  Highly recommend working with Heather!  

Deidre Elerath

I just completed Heather's mentorship program and I have to say it was Life Changing!  Heather planned out daily steps and challenges to help me gain clarity, find my strengths and create more confidence to pursue my goals.  After Heather's coaching, I am now pursuing my passion and launching my own design business.  The best thing I have ever done was Invest in Myself!  THANK YOU, HEATHER!

Jeanene Christy

Girl... I'm really in a flow and I LOVE it! I'm not overthinking what I write (which is totally what I used to do and it would stop me from progressing).

I am down 3lbs since we spoke on Friday! Not sure if my body finally realized what I was doing or what, but I'll take it.

I am so F*n Focused, it's stupid! HAHA

Miranda VonFricken

My entire team voted your session the highest and I plan to make it a quarterly occurrence if able.
You fired us up and set the tone for our Q3.  We are definitely "Moving fast and breaking sh@t!"  Even as I type we are signing our first government contract. 
Your mentorship/partnership and acceptance of my current skill level and pushing me unequivecally to the next level from the instant we met has been life changing for me.  
In short you have been a blessing to my family and our company and I Thank you. 

Rick Gouveia

BUT WAIT... There is more...

Included in this 30-day mentorship program, you will also get lifetime access to my famous Confidence Creator Course with thousands of downloads under its belt. 11  Modules jam packed with powerful mindset frameworks that have been perfected to help you create unbreakable self-confidence. 




Meet Your Coach:

Heather Monahan